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Foghat Cocktail Smoker Kit + Free #1 Bourbon Trek Trivia Game

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FREE #1 Bourbon Trek Trivia Game with your purchase of the Foghat Smoker ($24.95 value). Limited Time Offer

The Foghat Cocktail Smoker™ will change the way you experience food and spirits. Hand turned from a solid piece of white oak, the Foghat sits comfortably on your rocks glass, snifter or specially designed cloche. Flavored natural smoking fuel is added to the Foghat Smoker and burnt with a kitchen torch, creating a cascading waterfall of culinary smoke while enhancing the flavor of your food and spirits. Our epicurean smoke profiles were developed in conjunction with the finest chefs and bartenders throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and are sure to make an exquisite addition to your dining or drinking experience. Explore the alluring optical elegance of the Foghat Cocktail Smoker™ for yourself and ignite the senses!


  • Foghat Cocktail Smoker™
     with Stainless Steel mesh Guard
  • 4oz Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuels 
    • Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Oak
  • Culinary Kitchen Torch
  • Premium Special Blue Butane
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Instruction Book

Bourbon Trek, the #1 Bourbon Trivia Game FREE with this your purchase of the Foghat Smoker

  • Created by whiskey lovers, for whiskey lovers. Embark on a journey of facts and Lore. Bourbon Trek is a fun and entertaining trivia game for bourbon lovers of all types. Enjoy challenging friends with your whisky knowledge and competing to become the Bourbon Trek Champ.
  • Whether you're a Bourbon expert or just getting started on your whiskey journey, this is the perfect whisky gifts for men, women, friends and family. Challenge others and increase your knowledge in the categories of History and Lore, Science and Craft, Pop Culture, & Neat or Not while earning barrels (points) along the way.
  • Updated Second Edition with 200 Cards. Embark on a Bourbon filled journey, collecting barrels along the way by correctly answering true-false and multiple choice cards. Steal barrels from other players, earn bonus barrels and avoid real-life Bourbon calamities to save your barrels.
  • Swagger your way to the finish line and claim the title of “Bourbon Trek Champion”, all while having fun with friends and honing your Bourbon knowledge. Great gift for Father's Day, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, best man, groomsmen, and birthdays.